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About Us

Learn more about Vision Intelligence and what sets us apart

Innovation principles

  • STATE-OF-THE-ART hardware and AI technologies

  • SIMPLE so that users can implement quickly and optimise human productivity

  • SENSITIVE to employee perception and engagement challenges

  • SECURE so that employee and production data is always protected

  • SCALABLE so that we can deliver at incredible value for money to global manufacturing organisation

  • Integrity, transparency and reliability underpins everything we do and is critical to become the trusted partner of global manufacturers

  • We obsess about transforming customer competitiveness through affordable and intuitive solutions

  • We are all individually ambitious and aspire to become our best selves whilst cultivating team success

  • We are an inclusive organisation, that have fun together, whilst being respectful to all stakeholders at all times

Team values

Ethics and User Experience at the heart of VIOLET AI

  • We support and work with clients to ensure ethical deployment and use of our technologies.

  • Our technology puts people at the heart of everything we do meaning we provide the best user experience for people who use our AI.

  • We have developed our own ethical framework to ensure that VIOLET is safe, explainable and governed. 

  • We carry out regular User Research to understand the ever-shifting sentiment towards - and practicalities of - the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies.

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