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Frequent questions

  • Why are you concentrating on people if robots are taking all the jobs?
    Despite an influx of 2.7 million industrial robots in use worldwide, humans are still needed to produce the vast amount of goods. A robot can pick up a box and move it, but a person can be creative and get ahead of what's coming. Even by the most conservative estimates, at the current rate of robotics uptake it will be over 120 years before all manufacturing jobs are automated.
  • Is VIOLET AI in charge of people?
    No. VIOLET AI acts to support operators and line associates. It provides data, information and insight and is subservient to human judgement.
  • Does VIOLET AI watch what people are doing?
    VIOLET AI observes the production process providing support to the operators and line associates.
  • Can VIOLET AI also work on automated assembly lines?
  • How do you safeguard privacy?
    We don't capture, use or store any personal information on any individual. The system observes the process.
  • Why is VIOLET importnat to my business?
    VIOLET is the next generation of artificial intelligence support for manufacturing - it removes the unknowns in your factory's assembly operations. VIOLET enables you to see what you did not see before.
  • How does it work?
    VIOLET AI observes manual assembly operations and provides insights on your entire assembly line. VIOLET systems is placed at each station where it learns from, and supports, your assembly operators and line associates.
  • Where do we start?
    Digitisation is a process. VIOLET AI is the most advanced manufacturing AI that supports the next 300M assembly workers. Your factory is a part of that story. We start by implememting a pilot to show you the bennefits of this incredible technology.
  • What is really behind the technology?
    We recognised that there are several key observables in manual assembly operations that could be automated and have translated this simplicity into VIOLET to interpret these observables in same way a human would, but at scale.
  • How quickly can we realise ROI?
    ROI can happen in a matter of days. Once we deploy VIOLET the next step is to train your system. At that point the VIOLET starts to provide data, information and insights.
  • Why is your technology the best?
    We place people at the heart of what we do - VIOLET is built on the bases that people are at the heart of manufacturing. This means that we seek to improve manufacturing processes from a user-centred perspective. This ethos is supported by cutting-edge AI and leading analytics to help your workforce and production processes be the best they can be.
  • Who else is using VIOLET AI?
    You are in good hands. List of partners include Wandsworth Electrical, Dunlop Aircraft Tyres, AE Aerospace, Barrett Aerospace and many others producing hight volume or mission-critical products.

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