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Dive into industry 4.0 with VIOLET AI

Unlock the DNA of manual assembly processes.

VIOLET Productivity

Is finding root causes of quality failures time consuming and expensive?

Use VIOLET Productivity to accelerate investigations and improve first-time-right.

VIOLET Assurance

Is assuring a product a problem or time to failure


Use VIOLET Assurance to produce a digital record of each product manufactured.

VIOLET Trainer

Is training operators and assemblers time


Use VIOLET Trainer to reduce training time and improve training quality.

Artificial Intelligence at the front lines of production


Gain production visibility across your entire organisation

Remove the blind spots from your assembly and production operations

VIOLET AI algorithms gather and interpret as much data in one hour as the baseline methods can in a hundred. For quality, assurance and skill capture it is now a choice: go slow and blind, or get fast and interactive.

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