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VIOLET Assurance

How does VIOLET assure your product and provide traceability?

  • Whereas CNC machining or Additive Manufacturing operations can obtain critical production data from machine monitoring IIOT sensors, for manual manufacturing operations they mainly have to rely on records written down on job cards by operators. This means that data needs to be entered manually post manufacturing which increases non-value added overhead costs. In more advanced facilities operators can enter data directly into mobile devices shop floor touchscreens. However both options rely on the diligence of operators to manually enter data accurately which can be prone to data integrity issues.

  • VIOLET will be able to automatically generate digital records of every manual production process and through integration via APIs will be able to assign the digital records to specific internal works orders and customer orders. These unequivocal records enable manufacturers to quickly react to internal and/or customer non-conformances and pinpoint which operation (the what), performed by which operator (the who), at what time (the when) and importantly provide video evidence to understand root cause (the why) and determine corrective actions (how to prevent).

  • Using advanced AI models, VIOLET quickly analyses digital records to identify other potential quality escapes. Importantly, the corrective action can be quickly implemented by updating the digital standard which all future batches will be automatically compared against with any deviations from approved standard escalated to required quality, production and supervisory staff as required. 


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