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VIOLET Productivity

How does VIOLET drive productivity improvements across your production floor?

  • Planning data such as set-up and cycle times for manual operations is normally estimated by production planning engineers and in some instances refined based using historical analysis from shop floor data capture solutions which are only approximate and do not show granular unit cycle times as it is very time consuming to continually monitor time and motion for different operators with varying experience and skill levels.

  • The lack of granular operation times can lead to inaccurate job cost estimates, capacity planning and scheduling. Furthermore, operators, planners and and production engineers are alerted automatically about exceptions and so the issues caused by inaccurate data are left unresolved leading to poor gross margin / limited customer quotation success due to price competitiveness or poor resource utilisation / poor on-time-in-full (OTIF) delivery performance due to inaccurate planning data.

  • VIOLET will effortlessly capture actual times taken by each operator, on every operation of every batch and automatically alert engineering, commercial and supervisory teams by exception. VIOLET will enable authorised skilled operators to continually refine standards to drive new efficiencies.


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